Our Vision & Values

Our Vision & Values

Our vision for Reader Rabbits reflects a passionate commitment to learning. We are committed to offering the best possible education to children to enable them to become creative, confident, successful and independent learners, who make a positive difference in their future community.

Respect and Tolerance

We help children develop self-respect, and respect for others. We promote inclusion and tolerance, and value others’ backgrounds and circumstances.

Making a Difference

We help children develop an under- standing of citizenship and empower them to make valuable contributions locally and globally. We engage with the school and wider community to enrich and enhance children’s achievement and personal development as responsible citizens.

Perseverance and Greatness

We try our best in all we do. We persevere, even when we find things difficult, to achieve our goals and aspirations.

Confidence and Independence

We enable children in our school community to be ambitious, inquisitive about the world around them, and eager to learn. Our small, caring community enables children to build their confidence and learn from their experiences.

Working Together

We work together as a community to help each other learn. We strive to build new friendships with others, and understand that we achieve more working together than working apart.



What Parents are Saying

Both our Daughter and Son have attended Reader Rabbits for a number of years now and we are extremely happy with their progress academically and socially.  Reader Rabbits has given them a strong foundation.

Brett Sutton

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John Smith

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Ronald McDonald